Multi-Cultural Celebration of Love

Ok, first of all, NC was completely showing off for this October wedding. The leaves! The colors! I don't know how many times I told Maddie & Wilbert how amazingly lucky they got to have peak color on THEIR WEDDING DAY. You can never predict when the leaves will be their brightest and boldest fall colors, so this was just chef's kiss.

This couple did such an amazing job at combining aspects from both of their cultures. The way they included traditions from both the US and Mexico so effortlessly made the day extra special. Highlights were there ceremony, El Baile de la Vibora (The Snake Dance, seen below with the couple in chairs during the reception!), and The Money Dance (a tradition in which guests pin money on to the couple in exchange for a quick dance :) ). Also, let me just say, best wedding food! They had traditional Mexican food and REAL Coca-Cola in glass bottles. I don't know how much sugar I consumed this day via those Cokes, but totally worth it!

Florist: Antique Rose Floral

Venue: Legacy Stables, Weddings