A little about me and my mission...

Hi! I'm Sam.

I'm so glad you are here and interested in my work! Whether you are newly engaged looking for someone to capture the moments of your day, expecting a baby, or just a couple in loveee looking to have beautiful photos taken, I hope I'm a fit for you. (continued below)

I am a full time photographer with a goal to capture simple, pretty portraits. I have a major love for love, soft color, timeless imagery, and real moments. I have a habit of romanticizing life- even those mundane moments that seem normal and bleh (I promise those are beautiful!). I don't use heavy edits on my photos, I prefer a true to life but film-like edit. I once had a client say they chose me because my work is "Real life, but better", and I loved that description! That is the goal in my work. To capture a real life moment and turn it into an even better tangible memory. I do offer direction and guidance for portraits for weddings and each session I do, but I also like to act as a fly on the wall and capture those natural real life moments too. Both are essential for a complete gallery!

I want to deliver photos that you love and that will stand the test of time.

some random things I love

pizza - any beach - traveling - family time - first looks - grandparents - puppies - ok, pretty much any animal - the smell of books (and reading anything I can get my hands on) - thunderstorms - rainy summer days - rainy winter days - sunny fall days - leaves crunching under feet - the smell of coffee - iced coffee - how pleasant everyone is at Christmas - when you have something in common with a stranger