let's get to know each other

I am a full time wedding and lifestyle photographer

doing life with my husband and two pups. I have owned cameras my whole life and have been taking photos for others for about a decade. I have a major love for romance, good light, soft color, honest images, and real moments. I love photos that will stand the test of time, the ones that become family heirlooms. Photos that look beautiful on a screen but also look amazing in your home. I think the smallest moments can be the biggest memories and captured in a photo you can cherish forever? Such a treasure.

some random things I love

pizza - any beach - traveling - family time - first looks - grandparents - puppies - ok, pretty much any animal - the smell of books (and reading anything I can get my hands on) - thunderstorms - rainy summer days - rainy winter days - sunny fall days - leaves crunching under feet - the smell of coffee - iced coffee - how pleasant everyone is at Christmas - when you have something in common with a stranger