Glowy Light

Jordan and Trent chose to do their engagements at Summerfield Farms in Summerfield, NC. It was important for them both that they were able to have their pup with them for some of the photos, and I love that! I had such a great time with this couple, we laughed a lot and got some great pictures with the ethereal light we were given (after having to reschedule due to storms a couple weeks prior). Rescheduling absolutely sucks, but the photos you can get once the light is GOOD, are so so worth the inconvenience. I love these happy photos. Just full of bliss and love.

This was also one of my last 'summer' sessions before the leaves started falling off/changing, and I adore the greens in these images- these were shot digital but the greens and yellows look so much like Fuji Film, obsessedddd. I know I am going to long for these colors by the middle of November!