Chic Engagements

Two things about this beautiful Uptown Charlotte engagement session- 1) it was styled perfectly and 2) the hazy skies (due to the Canadian wildfires) really show out in these images. Anytime it is bright but overcast or hazy, the clouds, or in this case smoke, acts as a diffuser and spreads the light out, lessening shadows but making colors appear more vibrant! So the blues and greens of Freedom Park look extra dreamy for this gallery.

After having to reschedule this session not once but twice, Morgan was finally able to fly in from Virginia where she attends med school. These two will be getting married in Richmond, VA next spring and after having met them and doing this session, I am even more excited 🤍

This entire session was shot with the Canon R5 and RF 28-70 f2. I did take my RF50 1.2 as backup, but didn't even reach for it as this lens does it all! The 28-70 has changed my workflow for the better. It is a very heavy lens, but it has literally stopped me from packing three lenses (35, 50, 85) and has been what I've used for 90% of my photos on wedding days since I purchased it in early spring.