Upon arrival for an

eight-ten hour wedding day, I usually start on the detail photos immediately. I have a list below and here of what is included in those shots. As soon as the bride is finished with hair and makeup, I start on getting ready shots and then while the bride is getting dressed, I will grab some images of the groom/groomsmen "getting ready" (if they are at a different location I will either send a second shooter OR will get those shots once they arrive- logistics depending). I divide the day into sections- Prep, Ceremony, Post-Ceremony, and Reception.

First Look

I love first looks! Not only does the groom let his guard down and really let those real emotions shine, since there aren't 100+ people watching him, it also allows us to capture most or all portraits (given the timeline allows) before the ceremony. This allows more time for bride and groom portraits post ceremony and can be especially helpful during the winter months when the sun sets early. It also allows you to spend more time with your significant other on wedding day- the most important benefit! Most of my couples opt to do a first look. Without a first look, we have to complete immediate family portraits for both sides, full wedding party, plus bride and groom photos between the ceremony and reception- so please keep sunset time in mind when planning!

Sunset Photos

I also love to sneak the couple away during sunset for some soft light sunset photos. I promise not to take longer than 10-15 minutes capturing these, and I also promise they will be worth it!

On Time

Please know that I will work my hardest and try my best to keep things flowing on time on your wedding day (and I am quite good at this!), however, if I am in charge of making sure hair and makeup is on time plus keeping tabs on the groomsmen's status at a different location, it can take away from what you are paying me to do- capture all the moments. Having a planner or coordinator keep everyone on task is so so very helpful to your vendors during those hectic hours before the ceremony.

And most importantly, be mindful of sunset time. Only allowing a little bit of time for portraits before the sun goes down can be quite difficult and sometimes impossible.

Photo List

I capture all the things on wedding day and have a timeline and list that I work off of in order to not disrupt the flow of the day and not make things feel forced, but if you have any can't miss shots just let me know! I will be happy to add them to the list.

You can find a typical wedding day's shot list here

Detail Items List

Please have all wedding day details in a box on wedding day, this way I don't have to disrupt you or your bridesmaids as you are getting ready and I can immediately get to work as soon as I arrive! These details include:

  • Shoes (bride and groom)
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Invitation
  • Rings
  • Any jewelry
  • Dress plus hanger
  • Loose fresh flowers from your florist (these make a flat lay shot!)

I do have a collection of ring boxes in an array of colors, plus silk ribbons, an assortment of wax seals, and other flat lay items, but if you prefer that I use yours that is not a problem.

Family Photo List

As mentioned above, a first look allows not only wedding party photos but most immediate family photos to be captured before the ceremony. The wedding party group photos are pretty straight forward- we capture bridesmaids with bride, groomsmen with groom, full wedding party together with bride and groom. We also like to capture each bridesmaid individually with the bride and groomsmen individually with the groom (as long as everything is running on time).

Below are some pretty basic group photos that are a great starting point (or actual template if this works for your family's dynamic!). Sometimes couples don't want to spend the time to capture all of these, in which case I will ask the couple to create their own list so that we are sure to capture what they wish for.

*Immediate family refers to parents, siblings, grandparents


  • Couple with partner one's parents
  • Couple with partner two's parents
  • Couple with partner one's immediate family
  • Couple with partner two's immediate family
  • Couple with both of their immediate families
  • Couple with siblings and siblings' spouses

Partner One

  • Partner One with their parents (or stepparents)
  • Partner One with each parent separately
  • Partner One with their immediate family
  • Partner One with their grandparents
  • Partner One with their sibling(s)

Partner Two

  • Partner Two with their parents (or stepparents)
  • Partner Two with each parent separately
  • Partner Two with their immediate family
  • Partner Two with their grandparents
  • Partner Two with their sibling(s)

Lastly, don't forget that wedding day isn't just about the photos. Obviously I am here for ALL THE PICS you want to take, but I also want you to enjoy your day and spend time with your friends and family that are there to celebrate your union.